Sunday, March 20, 2011


Norkhalid bin Salimin, Med.¹ and Julismah Jani PhD²
¹Physical Education and Health Department, Institut Pendidikan Guru, Kampus Ipoh, Malaysia.
²Sports Science and Coaching Faculty, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia

The purpose of this study is to identify the extent of student learning outcome within the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains through the use of the Comprehensive Assessment (CA) for badminton in Physical Education. The study is based on a pre-experimental the one shot case study design. The study was conducted in secondary schools in the district of Larut, Matang and Selama in Perak. Samplings taken consisted of 15 teachers and 444 form 2 students in Physical Education class. The instruments used in the study comprised an assessment scoring rubric in the cognitive domain (r=.75), psychomotor domain (r=.81) and affective domain (r=.81) and teacher agreement level questionnaire on the use of CA for badminton (r=.92), with inter-observer agreement percentage for badminton of 70.03% (SD=0.68). The findings showed that the level of students' cognitive achievement (N=432, M=30.35, 75.87%) was good. The learning outcome from psychomotor assessment during training showed a manipulation level of (N=441, M=2.17), and during game sessions, the articulation level was at (N=444, M=3.75). The learning outcome from affective assessment showed at characterize level of (N=444, M=4.29). The study also found that 90.53% of teachers agreed that the use of CA helps to increase the academic performance of students, 88.00% of teachers agreed that it aids in teaching, 95.94% of teachers agreed that the assessment helps to achieve teaching objectives, 79.46% of teachers agreed that the CA meets the features of an assessment, and 58.67% of teachers agreed that the CA is easy to implement. Based on the findings, the CA is suitable as a standard tool for assessing students’ achievement in badminton in the subject of Physical Education.

Keywords. Physical Education, Comprehensive Assessment, Badminton, Cognitive, Psychomotor, Affective


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